About us



The Undergraduate Investment Society (UIS) strives to empower UCSD students and the San Diego community with financial literacy and investment knowledge to create successful future leaders in the business world. We aim to bridge the gap between the ivory tower and the Street.

We implement this goal by providing value-added financial seminars, impactful networking events with industry professionals, and mentorship programs through UIS and our sister organization, the Financial Professionals Network.

Our Approach

We are proud to host the school's largest annual finance conference, the Financial Horizons Conference that, in the past 9 years, has seen an increase of professional, student, and alumni attendees. The Undergraduate Investment Society holds the highest standards for its committee members, meetings, and events to ensure that quality is consistent with the expansion of the organization's success. We continuously evolve by building bridges with corporations, community leaders, and other prominent figures within the financial world.